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The Earth, A Reclamation

The poem and poet's statement below, and accompanying photographs, first appeared in the May 2020 issue of Langscapes Magazine, published by Terralingua.Org. I wanted to also share with everyone reading  All Things Literary/All Things Natural. Thank you.  Reclamation They say the traffic in London has killed the song of the nightingale. When they serenade each other, they sound more like the honking of horns, the squealing of brakes, and so the nests lie empty. Yet a coyote sought shelter in a Chicago Starbuck’s last month, the closest thing to a cave he could find, stood shaking next to the cooler in the dark corner with the Odwalla juices and the caffeine drinks and the mineral water from Fiji. Just last weekend, in Santa Fe, in the hours before dawn, on the Plaza while the town slept, a mountain lion leapt through the door of a jewelry store, leaving a spider web of broken glass. In Denver, raccoons pilfer garbage beneath city streetlights. Sleek Peregrines,