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Deep Mapping: Kettle Bottom, Marked Men, and Digging Deep with Leslie Ullman

Turning Point Books Dig deep enough beneath the fertile soil near Denver’s Botanic Gardens and Cheesman Park and you just might find one of the few thousand bones still buried from when that land was known as Mount Prospect Cemetery , before it fell into disrepair and was called simply “the boneyard.”   Dig even deeper and you might uncover a chip of red pipestone, perhaps not far from the tooth of an old war pony.   Joseph Hutchison “deep maps” this very land in his historic narrative poem " Marked Men" about the Sand Creek Massacre.  “A dream led me to the end of the poem,” he told the Tattered Cover audience at his recent signing, “and a dream began the poem. I woke up one night and Chivington was standing at the end of my bed—not saying anything—just looking down at me.   But Chivington didn’t interest me.   I started writing about my responsiveness to the dream.   And in the dream there was a cemetery…” John E. Poplin's Denver Cemeteries In 1