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Alone in the West?

THEY SAY WRITING IS A SOLITARY THING—as if we are all lone wolves howling into the wind with only the moon as our companion.  Yet from the first writer’s conference I attended as a freshman at the University of Colorado in 1970, whereReader’s Digest managing editor John Allen befriended and encouraged me, to a 1996 reading at The Writer’s Voice in Billings, Montana, where Kim Barnes and I read from our memoirs, to the upcoming reading and panel discussion at The Tattered Coverfor the new anthology West of 98: Living and Writing the American West,I have found writing to be about community. 
Writers support other writers.  Especially western writers.  If author Laura Pritchetthad not suggested my name to the editors of West of 98, my essay might not have found its way into the collection.  Thank you, Laura!And had John Allen not tucked me under his wing when I was only 18, I might never have held onto this dream.  But he did.  And she did.  And they did.  And we all do.
Opening my contri…