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Colleen, the Irish Girl, Meets Katherine Anne Porter, O. Henry, and David Sedaris

Well, Colleen didn’t really meet Porter or Henry, but she met David Sedaris. Colleen, a figment of Tim Johnson’s imagination, came to life on the pages of a short story, with her stunning white teeth and big green eyes. A Foosball wizard, the mere touch of her hand could set the heart of a teenage boy on fire. Here’s a look inside the title story:       Charlie gripped his left hand in his right, remembering the Foosball game. His heart would not slow down.        “I like the girl,” he said.        “Colleen?”        He turned and William smiled and Charlie saw a light in his eyes he hadn’t seen in so long he’d forgotten it even existed.        “You know what her name means?” William asked.        It was the light, Charlie realized, from the nights when they shared a room and William told stories and they had no idea that one of them was adopted.        “What’s it mean?” he asked.        William took a deep drag on the cigarette and stared out the windshield. “Means, Ir