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A "Country Club" or a COUNTRY community?

When people ask me where I now live, I usually tell them I live in a rustic mountain community west of Denver. Which I do. Sometimes I tell them I live in Mount Vernon Country Club, which is also true. But the term "country club" can be misleading. I love this place. I love the people who live here. The old stone club house, though it's been remodeled many times, still sits perched atop Lookout Mountain and looks east across the city to the Great Plains, and west to the white-tipped peaks of the Continental Divide. The wild onions that I used to eat as a child still grow in the rocky soil. Wild harebells still bloom along the trails. Ponderosas, once saplings, tower over the old picnic ground where my father used to pitch horseshoes. The original remodeled cabin where I live and where I host one-on-one retreats, was built in 1910. A couple of weeks ago The Denver Post published an article I wrote about Mt.Vernon. Writing the article was a labor of love. I'm