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Beauty, Mystery and Community - Gary Ferguson's "Carry Home" Bridge

When my sister and I told our beautiful Hungarian stepmother that we would honor her request to wait to scatter our father's ashes until she also passed away, we didn't realize "Dad" would be sitting on the bookshelf for 17 years.   We also didn't realize that when she passed, the sense of grief would be twofold. Over the years I consoled myself, joking that Dad wouldn't mind being nestled between the books he had written, and his presence had surely comforted our bereft and beloved stepmother.   And now, on the wake of casting both their ashes into the salty sea air of San Francisco, I think back to scattering our mother's ashes among the Ponderosa pines nine years ago.   A few weeks ago, Gary Ferguson and his wife, consultant Mary Clare , stayed with us while Gary was on book tour for his new book The Carry Home: Lessons from the American Wilderness . The book is about Gary's remote journeys into the wilderness to honor a promise to his