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Cowboys, Indians, and the West: Frozen in Time?

When I shared this photo of a stallion stolen from the San Antonio, Texas area on my FB page, people seemed amazed that there were still horse thieves in the world. Yes, there are—and not just between the pages of Louis L’Amour novels , either.  According to the International Livestock Identification Association, hundreds are stolen each year. In South Dakota back in the 70s, when my partner John Gritts was Director of Financial Aid at Black Hills State University, there was still a city ordinance against three or more Indians walking abreast of one another down the sidewalk.   That meant that John, enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, couldn’t walk side by side with his sons. Of course, he did anyway, and eventually the outrageous and archaic ordinance was stricken from the city’s law books -  but not until abo ut 10 years ago. Will Wilson, self portrait Do we all walk with one foot in the past?  Where exactly does the past meet the present?  This is not a new quest