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Copper Canyon Press and Ursula Le Guin: A Match Made in Heaven

"Come to dust," Ursula Le Guin urges us, even now from that great beyond, "all earth's dust has been life, held soul, is holy." On the eve of my departure for Peru, where ancientness is not a concept but a living thing you reach out and touch, on this eve it seems right to call forth her memory. For she, like the master Inca stonemasons who lifted Machu Picchu into being, masterfully raised entire worlds that will live forever in our imaginations. Copper Canyon Press is reaching out to those who value small presses. More importantly, they are reaching out to those of us who are grateful that esteemed writers such as Ursula Le Guin create literary partnerships with these fine presses. If you would like to contribute to the cost of publishing her final poetry collection, So Far So Good, contact Copper Canyon Press.