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Weaving Words, Weaving Hearts

Today, I pulled a water-stained book off the shelf that still smelled musty from the Denver flood that ravaged our home 47 years ago.  I thought of those whose homes were in the path of Hurricane Sandy , and of the irreplace- able things we lose.  Then I turned to a small chapbook sitting on my desk, compiled and created by poet and traveling companion Julie Stuckey. Inside, are the musings of 12 women friends who traveled Peru together for 12 days last April during our first Weaving Words & Women adventure.  The day the chapbook arrived in the mail, six months after our trip, I curled up in bed and read it cover to cover.  The stories, poems, diary entries, and images captured in words brought back vivid memories and overwhelming gratitude—for the journey, for each woman, for the country. Peru, Day 9 Journal Entry.  Nilda Callanaupa's textile school for girls . "What an amazing day.  Gracias. Gracias. Gracias.  Somewhere in the world women bend.  Sq