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The World Lying in Wait

    Another world is not only possible,     she is on her way.     On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.*                                                                         ~ Arundhati Roy   Sometimes, when I hike through the woods alone, I have the sense of being held, embraced by the grasses and trees, as if the arms of the earth are the boughs themselves and her golden heart is the wind whispering that all things are possible.  When I quiet my fretfulness, I can feel the breath of that other world, the world lying in wait, the world rooted in timeless wisdom about which writer Arundhati Roy speaks . I wish for all of us in the coming year a quiet moment each day in which to listen for the hope Nature offers, this eternal and optimistic whispering. I wish for all of us a quiet place in which to lie, heart to the ground, so that we might feel our own smallness embraced by our greatest ancestor primeval, so that we might trust the beauty