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Orion Magazine Brings Back The Place Where You Live

WHEN  Orion Magazine announced recently that they were bringing back their popular department, " THE PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE, " I thought of a zillion things I wanted to share about the landscape I call home, and the people with whom I share it.  I also thought of the ranch in Wyoming, which my grown children still call home.  A large part of my heart still lives there - will always live there.  But there is also a part of me that is even more deeply rooted to this place, to Mt. Vernon.  Read this essay online at Orion .  IN THEIR CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS, the Orion editors describe the department as a space for us to exercise our sixth sense.  "Tell us about your place," they invited.  "What history does it hold for you? What are your hopes and fears for it? What do you do to protect it, or prepare it for the future, or make it better?" AH, MAKING IT BETTER. That credo has guided the small mountain community where I live for 100 years.  Our homes, nestled i